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Monday, April 4, 2016

Players choosing their own fate (PbtA)

The combat style in Uncharted world has really got me thinking. The idea that combat move are not single attacks but instead a combat scene. Something about that feels so right to me.

I tried a little experiment with two of my players. I started them out with two premade characters, neither all that remarkable other than good stats. The characters had no special moves, only basic moves.

The scene was right out of daredevil season two, the hallway. One player was Daredevil, other was Electra. The set up was three hallways, two staircases and about 20 goons.

First few feet the players encountered two goons, each player rolled and succeeded. Each described a solid blow taking out the two goons.

Next the door to the stairwell flew open and four goons came running into the hall. As the goons approached I had each player roll.

Electra made her roll so she got free reign with her description, she spinning back punched one leading into a spin kick to a second. The roll was well enough she got one effect, she elected to knoch the one she kicked on his ass.

Daredevil on the other hand was not so lucky with a partial success. So I gave him two good hits and a bad effect, he had to describe both. He elected to punch one in the face while kneeling the second one. His bad effect was the one he punched got his arm around his Daredevils neck.

This is how the fights went with players describing both good and bad. Choosing a few time to disarm goons and being disarmed themselves. Choosing to deal damage, even choosing to take damage in some very brutal ways. Electra getting ribs cracked with a pipe and Daredevil getting cut and stabbed in the back once.
The players were more brutal to themselves than I usually am as the GM.
Very cinematic and very fun.

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