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Monday, June 15, 2015

Mask of demonic form. (Amazing Adventures & Castles and Crusades)

The origin of these masks are not known. Only six masks are known to exist, each identical in shape and size. By simply placing the mask over your face and looking through the eye sockets the user can see signs of demonic influence. Some examples; a red mist seeping from the ear of one who is being manipulated by a Temptation demon. Those possessed are been with a ghostly visage around them. Those who have given themselves over to demonic forced are seen with a vile black sludge oozing from their body.

Within each mask is a name. If the name is spoken while the make is worn it bonds to the users face and transforms them into a Bone demon form. A gruesome humanoid with bone spines from knuckles, shoulders, spine, head, and knees. Worn armors and clothing are destroyed in the transformation.

Bone demon form is AC 18, 1d4 dmg on a slam (shoulder, head butt, back) and 1d6 on a strike.
+4 to all saves vs fire or necrotic sources.


  1. I like how the detection ability doesn't work like a standard spell but informs with appropriate flavor.
    It kind of begs for a demonic, temptation draw back though, doesn't it?

  2. This is very cool and I like Jon's idea of demonic temptation.

  3. Thank you both. Yes I do love the temptation drawback idea.

  4. Thank you both. Yes I do love the temptation drawback idea.


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