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Monday, June 29, 2015

Authorized Corporate Bounty hunter (Cypher system)

These headhunters are legal to enter all zones in pursuit of their prey. Authorized and licensed by all corporate and federal courts.

Headhunters carry all manner of gear, gadgets, and weapons while tracking their target.

Level (5)
Speed defense: Level 6 to hit with ranged weapons.

Night vision
Thermal shielding
Weather resistance
Law enforcement power
System ID exampt.
Carries (4) random gadget cyphers.

Carries at least (2) of the following:
Supermag pistol: Rng:short Dmg:heavy
Service pistol: Rng:med Dmg:medium
Service SMG: Rng:med Dmg:medium double tap
Hardball shotgun: Rng:long Dmg:light at long, med at close, Heavy at point blank.
Sniper rifle: Rng:extensive Dmg:heavy. Cannot snap shoop. -1 unless aimed.

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