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Monday, July 18, 2011

Gritty 6 (Adding grit to Epic6) for C&C

A few posts back I explored the idea of using Epic 6. I have been putting even more thought into this. I really want to use Epic 6 to represent a gritty and dangerous world for a setting I'm working on.

Here is a reworking of some of the basic rules I will be using with Epic6 to make Gritty6. Character cant level above 6th level as in Epic6. Any mortal man at level six is an epic hero, some one of legend.

First off hit points. All character start off with 2d6 HP. If you prime is Strength or Constitution then change starting HP to 2d8. If the character has a Constitution bonus in the positive add it to the total at first level only. That is it. All characters will start with between 2d6 and 2d8+ (Con bonus) hit points. No new hit points are gained each new level.

Attack rolls. On any attack roll that exceeds the "to hit" number needed by five weapons do automatic maximum damage. On a natural roll of 20 weapon damage is doubles. These two do stack. So a roll of 20 that is 5 greater than the roll needed will do double maximum damage.

Im sure more ideas on this will jump out at me. This is just what I got for now.

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