Monday, April 30, 2012

Tattoo Magic of Legend part 2 (RQII and Legend rpg)

Continuing from part 1.

Animal Tattoo
Instant, Duration 5, Magnitude 2.
When the spell is cast, it Summons a creature with a fixed INT of 7 or less. The animal is summoned to the
place where the spell is cast, whereupon the spell effect terminates. The animal disappears. The summoned animal is part of the essence of the caster. The caster may extend its senses to that of the Summoned animal. The tatoo must be of the animal to be summoned.

Animal Tattoo II
Instant, Duration 5, Progressive, Magnitude 2.
When the spell is cast, it transformer the caster to a creature of human or near human proportions. The tattoo must be of the animal to be turned into. Greater creatures require a greater magnitude.

Flame breath
Instant, Magnitude 1, Progressive,
Flames burst forward from the tattoo. The range and damage is based on the magnitude of the spell. Jest of flames extends 3' per point of magnitude. Damage is based on Magnitude:
Magnitude:   Damage:
1                    +1d4
2                    +1d6
3                    +1d8
4                   +1d10
5                   +1d12
The tattoo for flame breath is flame tattoos on the part of the body that the flames will shoot from.

Duration 5, Magnitude 1, Progressive.
Spectral wings spring from the back of the Tattooed man. Giving him flight (mov 12 fly). Each step up in magnitude adds 2 to the duration of flight. This tattoo is always of flames on the back of the tattoo man.

This is only the most common Tattoos available to a starting character. Other more unique tattoos will be available later.

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