Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

As a long time marvel fan I have been pretty exited at the announcement of this game. About a week ago now I downloaded it and have been reading over it nonstop since. While the system really sounds fun. I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I think the use of the Cortex+ system looks very interesting. I will admit I am more of a fan of cortex basic than Cortex+. Although I really did like how Cortex+ was used in leverage. In a game where every one is human but has distinct traits Cortex+ is great.

After a very through read and some time for it all to settle I really don't like the design direction for a supers game. The system is more concerned with storytelling than powers or abilities of the supers. If I play the strong guy, I want him strong. Its also not really made for creating your own character. Rather its set up to play characters already in the marvel universe. While I can see the fun in this. Its rarely how I run supers. Again not what I personally like in a supers game.

So over all I like the system. I think it could be fun for a lot of action packed games. I just don't think its a supers game I would run. No set stats, powers take a back seat to story, no custom character creation, Just not my cup of tea for a supers.


  1. I listened to Vigilance Press' podcast of their actual play, because I kind of wanted to like this game, but I have to agree.

    It seems like you are fighting the plot, and sometimes the plot looks like Carnage, sometimes it looks like a bomb . . . etc.

    It seems like your advances are based on how well you play your character the "right" way, since it's keyed around playing existing characters.

    Also, because it's all about justifying what you do and the player's having control over things, it seems like it encourages people to just add dice and come up with whatever excuse to add a dice pool.

    If the GM got to tell PCs when they could do this, people might be more creative in explaining exactly what they are doing and going over the top, but the rules seem to be very keep on telling the players that it's their job to tell the GM what pools apply.

    Part of me still wants to see it directly myself, but honestly, I don't want to spend the money if it turns out that everything I've read, heard and got the impression of is correct.

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